My huge big time rush poster just fell off my wall onto my face… Is this a sign from the btr gods???

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I need to go buy call of duty.

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i’m going through all my big time rush feels again. I think i’m missing them. 

they are all i’m listening to, all i’m watching and all i’m thinking about.

zak bagans come get my mind off of it plz. 

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 im emotionally attached to big time rush. 

dont look at me 

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Swing on the beach! #nippleslip hahaa

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New Photo Session Added. VIEW

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Big time rush omg 

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i love the fact that when I go to stores and they ask for a email mine is big time rush related looooooooooooool 

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I just pre-ordered the Amazing Spider Man 2 steel book from future shop ohhhhhhhh. 

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Jeff Hardy’s latest interview just gave me ultimate happiness.

"From time to time I’ll turn on Raw and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the WWE Universe man, because they, what a … the crowds. When I watch, it hurts a little bit. I’m going ‘oh man, that’s my creatures man, my fans’. They’ve supported me so much. And even on the Instagram posts that’s all I ever see. ‘Go back to WWE. You said you’d come back. It’s never forever, it’s just for now’. I mean, ultimately, when the time is right, who knows. But I started there and whether it’s 10, 15 years down the road I would like to end there."

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♪ real human being and a real hero ♪

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by Adam Elmakias.

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Instagram Music Videos + Pierce the Veil ver. 
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nicole richies new reality show is my life i’ve wanted her to have her own show since the simple life

now its like god has bestowed upon me 

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