Teen Wolf is so worth it!

I figured so. 😊

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You know you can watch Teen Wolf online...right?

Yeah, i’m aware. but i’d rather buy the DVDS and watch it on my TV like I did with the Vampire diaries. I get too distracted watching TV shows online. I end up on something else.

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Tell me friends, is it worth my money to start watching? :)

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Cue the hallelujah chorus because Divergent 720p BRrips are finally out.

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Lady: We had an experience with glowsticks once
Zak: Glowsticks?
Lady: Yeah we held one out and a spirit had completely blacked it out
Zak: Should we play techno music?
Zak: Ghost rave
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Do you still like big time rush?

My heart never left their hands.

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Been on a Vampire Diaries binge for the past 3 days. It’s where i’ve been lol On season 4 then I have to download season 5. After this i’m starting on Teen wolf. 

TV show binges are the best and also the worst because you become OBSESSED WITH FICTIONAL CHARACTERS LIKEEE I WANT TO MARRY A DAMON OR STEFAN PLS. 

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Having a emotional rollercoaster of a night.

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i wish social anxiety was a person.

then i’d slap that motherfucker and tell him fuck you and get out of my life, but hey its not that easy. 

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Who is Kendall holding hands w/ in that scary picture? I've been out of the loop for a while, so just wondering.

It was a fan apparently. It’s a fairly old picture.

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I could’ve did better tbh

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do you ever feel like

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omg what the fuck did i do to kendall

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I should make a ghost adventures movie poster.

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oh and tbt to that time in graphic arts class where i made a movie poster for nightmare on elm street 

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