"The smile is red and its eyes are black. I dont think ill be coming back…"

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Lmao omg Bryan stars posts a picture of Zak Bagans on his Instagram and all his women followers go nuts including me. Lmfaoo all the GA fans have come out of the woodwork!!

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Don’t watch the human centipede.

DONT DO IT. I am permanently scarred.

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when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for

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Happy Birthday to Nick Groff of the GAC! This mans smile is infectious! He always has that little smirk on his face and I love it! He’s just overall a funny guy and I wish I was his best friend! He has a beautiful family and I adore him for how passionate he is and how determined he his. He inspires me to get in shape and stay in shape. Happy Birthday Nick you Ninja Warrior! 

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No one celebrates Easter like Zak Bagans.

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school cum

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On the brighter side of things. It’s April My birthday is Wednesday and today the forecast looks like Christmas as it is snowing. 

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sexy-niggies said: Just do it or I’ll slap you, stop being a little bitch and do it girlie

slap me. knock sense into me. 

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you should tell your dad. have you had the lump checked out yet? you should get it checked out, just to make sure. and just try to relax, i know it's hard but you've got to try to stay calm. you're strong!! i'll pray for you and pray that everything will be all right <3

I haven’t had it checked. It’s very hard to stay calm. Every time I try to tell him I almost have a panic attack. I plan on telling him…It’s just finding the guts to do it…Which is why I desperately need some kind of support to get my courage up to tell him. I just find it hard to tell him cause he thinks nothing is wrong and he’s in a good mood and the fact that i’d randomly drop this big health bomb on him bothers me. 

Just talking about it makes my heart beat out of my body. 

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Tmi (kinda) but i need to get it out.

Someone give me the strength to tell my dad about a lump i found in my boob nearly 7 months ago. I need it because i keep wimping out before i tell him. To make matters worse my sister already knows. Im too scared to do anything about it. This is whats been scaring me. I wanna cry tbh. I don’t have any women around to help me.

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Hi! I love your blog, but could you please tag your horror related stuff as horror because it could be triggering for some of us, sorry & thank you!

Oh sorry lol. 

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